In this tutorial, we’ll cover how to migrate your AutoCAD settings using the AutoCAD Migration tools. Whether you are upgrading to a new AutoCAD Version or transferring to a completely different system, keep your workflow going by migrating your current settings.

The AutoCAD Migration Tool allows you to migrate custom user settings from an older release year of AutoCAD to a newer release year of AutoCAD on the same machine. The old release year must be on the computer when the new install is opened for the first time.


Example: AutoCAD 2019 is already in use, and you are now installing AutoCAD 2020 on the same machine.

Migration Utility Process:

  • Download, install and open the software
  • When the settings migration wizard pops up, it will ask if you want to migrate your custom settings. You will see check boxes next to multiple customization elements that are able to be migrated. Make sure there are checks in the boxes next to the items you want to migrate. Uncheck any items that you don’t want to migrate. When your migration settings are all set, click the checkmark button on the bottom/right to proceed with the migration and follow the prompts on the screen


Other options if the wizard does not pop up or if it is accidentally skipped:

  • Open the start menu, go into the all apps, open the Autodesk folder with your new AutoCAD version and release year and then click the button that says “Migrate from a previous release” and follow the prompts on the screen