Connect everyone to a web-based experience that adapts your workplace to support teams, projects, and daily needs. Enhance productivity, automate operations, and maximize the use of space.


    • Connect staff to their needs
    • Build a central inventory of all assets
    • Make collaboration easy
    • Avoid scheduling conflicts
    • Free up seats for evolving projects

Included in Reservations Module

Reservation Management

Streamline reservations and scheduling for conference spaces and meeting rooms.


Manage workstations and desks by reservation, and enable a fluid workplace that adapts to your daily needs.

Reservations Management

How well an organization manages the time of its most valuable and costly resource – its people – is the measure of a truly effective and collaborative environment. Eliminate embarrassing double-bookings, rooms too large or small for a meeting’s purpose, and misallocation of resources with Web-based Archibus Reservations. The Archibus Reservations application provides an intuitive, integrated solution for scheduling shared space and associated amenities.

Desktop and mobile reservation options give you control over all details involved in planning, scheduling, and tracking shared space, including easily coordinating internal or external providers of audio-visual, food, or other services.

Integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server, Reservations capabilities deliver a seamless user experience by streamlining all aspects of meeting room and participant coordination.

Space Inventory



  • Secure shared space and resources with self-service Web forms, and avoids double bookings
  • Improve productivity by streamlining invitations to participants via integration with most email clients
  • Archibus Reservations Plugin for Microsoft Outlook™ lets individuals make room reservations within the Outlook client
  • Extension for Microsoft Exchange handles all reservations and updates. Also, changes in Exchange Calendars flow directly to Web Central

At many organizations, office space is frequently underutilized by 50% or more, resulting in a larger than necessary real estate and carbon footprint, along with their associated costs.

Web-based Archibus Hoteling enables organizations to more fully utilize existing space, potentially reduce leased/owned space in their portfolios, as well as decrease carbon emissions and workspace operating costs.

It supports temporary allocation of on-site workspace to dynamic project-based teams and makes implementation of increasingly popular telework initiatives possible.

Additionally, Hoteling simplifies implementation of shares space chargebacks, which further encourages space efficiency and responsibility for occupancy costs.

Space Inventory


  • Lower real estate and associated costs by improving space utilization and enabling the disposition of excess inventory
  • Reduce overall carbon emissions and workplace operating costs based on a smaller, more efficient facilities footprint resulting from improved space utilization
  • Provide flexibility to accommodate a mobile workforce and increase employee satisfaction
  • Allow easy implementation of chargebacks to encourage responsible and efficient use of space
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