Archibus SaaS

Evolve Your Workplace to Perform for Your People


Archibus SaaS empowers you with the insights and tools you need to reduce your real estate spend and elevate your employee experience. Start with the essentials in Archibus Foundations, then upgrade to advanced targeted solutions as your workplace strategy evolves.


  • Provides immediate deployment
  • Accessible any place, any time
  • No major up-front investment
  • Cost-effective, “pay-as-you-go” model
  • Enables you to budget costs with confidence
  • Requires minimal deployment expertise
  • Deploys minimal IT resources
  • Reduces total cost of ownership
  • Guaranteed service level
  • Data security and integrity is ensured

Right-Size Your Real Estate

From precise space management to the industry’s most advanced solutions for flexible seating and IoT-driven optimization, Archibus gives users the deepest toolbox in the industry for eliminating wasted space and increasing capacity.

Elevate Your Employee Experience

Connect employees to their workplace with a state-of-the-art system for hot desking, reserving meeting rooms, finding collaborators, and requesting services.

Optimize Facility Operations

Work smarter with strategies for Preventive Maintenance and Asset Management that prioritize your operational and capital planning spend where they matter most.

77% of Corporate Estate Professional Agree, The Savings are in the Data

The primary goal reported by corporate real estate professionals when polled is to improve the accuracy of their space and workplace data. Industry leaders are waking up to the fact that most office space sits empty at any given moment, and the statistics are much worse when you isolate meeting rooms and private offices. Wasted space means wasting resources that should be reinvested in growing your business. Archibus tracks everything to ensure that your workplace planning aligns with the actual needs of your workforce.

Be More Effective in the Cloud

  • Data-driven insight on workplace performance
  • Seamless updates with every new innovation
  • Simplified workflow that standardizes best practices
  • Rapid time-to-value for early ROI