What is a digital twin and why is it so valuable?

A digital twin is a data-rich, interactive model which mirrors its built asset, both in appearance and substance. Its value comes from the way it centralizes and contextualizes data for the building’s lifecycle. These comprehensive virtual replicas connect real-life assets with their IT/OT data, giving users both holistic and granular visibility of the information that matters most to them.

Rely on a dynamic, data-rich digital replica

Digital twin technology connects siloed smart building data and structures it—minimizing the noise and maximizing its value. It provides contextual awareness by accurately placing this information in a virtual model of your physical building. Users can explore this digital replica and analyze both live and historic data—tracking the facility’s performance, monitoring maintenance requirements, and resolving operational issues.

Learn how digital twins mature over time

According to the Verdantix maturity model, there are five stages of digital twin evolution. Essentially, the more mature the twin is, the more valuable it becomes.

This goes beyond housing the building’s information, it connects to IOT and sensor data giving you complete visibility of how your assets, spaces, and systems are operating together.

A digital twin can use its historical data to run analytics and predict trends—enabling the operator to take a more proactive approach, preempting issues before they arise.

As the digital twin continues to evolve, real-time simulation for future “what-if” scenarios become possible. At this stage, the insights gained are truly invaluable for the efficient running of a facility.

The ultimate business value comes at this final stage of maturity. The twin will have the data and processes established to automatically take action based on the insights it delivers.

“Providing a cloud-based, centralized hub for key project information, Tandem advances Burns & McDonnell’s engineering and construction handover process by giving owners rich and accessible data for next-level building operations.”


of corporates surveyed are evaluating or trialling occupancy sensors

Verdantix Global Corporate Survey 2022


of real estate managers rank “improving the health and wellbeing of building occupants” as their top priority.

Verdantix Global Corporate Survey, 2022