Having the latest version of ARCHIBUS enables you to take advantage of newly released features. It also gives you access to the latest technologies developed. From compatibility with the latest Autodesk products. To updated security. Upgrading regularly enhances your operation.

Robotech has been doing system upgrades from over 25y. We have the knowledge and technical personnel to smoothly upgrade your system to the latest.

Usual tasks:

  • Create a full backup of existing system. This includes getting a copy of the Database, Web Application and any drawings.
  • Setting up a Development environment. This environment will host the test upgrade system.
  • Upgrading DB schema to the latest version
  • Upgrading any custom Web Central views to the latest release.
  • Checking integrations to make sure they are compatible with new version.

Once we have the new Development system in place. We can conduct user acceptance testing. We can also train users on this Development system. After user acceptance testing is complete and any changes are made to the system we are ready to conduct a live upgrade.

Live upgrades usually happen on Fridays and the weekend. During this time we’ll pause the existing “live” system. Get a fresh copy on the Database and apply the schema changes from the Development system. Robotech will also upgrade all the required software on the server. Once these steps are complete we replace the Database and bring the new system “live”. Since all the testing was done on the Development environment we can safety bring the new system online for the new week.

Our technicians will keep your IT group updated during the entire process.