Designed to Integrate

Ensure a centralized and accurate data repository, no matter what systems you use.

Archibus applications

Archibus applications share one database – update one, update them all

ERP Systems

Integrate with any ERP system, including HR and financial systems


Integrate with IoT sensors and cameras, from smart buildings to smart cities

Archibus Frameworks

Unleash the power of 2D and 3D BIM, GIS, and more.


Web Central 3D Navigator

Integrate building models and data for full building and asset lifecycle management from initial design/build to real estate, facility and business operational processes.

Smart Client Ext For AutoCAD & Revit

Integrate facilities and infrastructure data with BIM models over the Web for comprehensive building lifecycle management and reporting.

Geospatial Extension For ESRI

Link facility and infrastructure data with the intuitive power of geospatial technology to make informed decisions.

Mobile Framework

Accelerate service delivery with secure, real-time access to Archibus data from smart phones and tablets.

Performance Metrics Framework

Delivers KPIs, trends, and other performance data about your real estate, infrastructure and facilities operations and their finances.

ARCHIBUS Ext for Builder SMS

Integrate the inventory and analysis of BUILDER with the user-friendly interface, data, reporting, KPI metrics, strategic analysis, and workflow of Archibus.

Web Central 3D Navigator

With the Archibus Web Central 3D Navigator™, building information models and data are incorporated directly into the larger Archibus Enterprise Information Model (EIM™) for a holistic lifecycle view of design/build, operations and strategic planning for the entire asset portfolio.


Users can leverage 3D visualization, analytics and enterprise data for strategic planning and management of capital assets over their lifecycle processes, including: design/build, commissioning, operations, space utilization, and capital project planning.

By using the Archibus Web Central 3D Navigator, professionals from engineering to operations and business can intuitively collaborate on a common operating picture of their organization’s buildings and properties.

Space Inventory


  • Provide a common operating picture for design/build, real estate, infrastructure, and facility professionals for full lifecycle management of building assets
  • Connect multiple building models and data to Archibus to visualize buildings, space, assets and systems
    Search through the full portfolio of CAD plans and BIM data to optimize space use, capital investments and asset lifecycle
  • Empower facilities staff with easy access to building information for maintenance, condition assessment, project management, compliance and emergency preparedness
  • Provide a 3D view of your building portfolio for real estate and facilities professionals to plan and optimize real estate, space, workplace, and capital needs

Smart Client Extension for AUTOCAD & REVIT

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has enabled a richly detailed and collaborative approach to the way buildings are designed and constructed.

What it lacks, however, is a way to easily scale to the portfolio-level and connect with business data.

Archibus Smart Client Extension for Revit addresses that need with a true BIM 4.0 application designed from a facility manager’s perspective.

It provides quick access to Revit graphics and COBie information using Web Services to connect Revit models to Archibus enterprise data.

This gives users a comprehensive view of an organization and its processes.

In addition, the Smart Client Extension implements rules and workflows that coordinate the bi-directional data exchange and updates the BIM model itself, to keep everything in-synch.


Space Inventory


  • Leverage data collected during design/construction phase into optimizing management of building throughout lifecycle
  • Provides an intuitive, graphical bi-directional link to Revit using Web Services, enabling an easy, incremental approach in transitioning to BIM technology
  • Supports all facility management elements in BIM models
  • Puts BIM data to work immediately for building operations-related processes
  • Connects seamlessly to Archibus applications for increased productivity and data accuracy

Geospatial Extensions for Esri

Many leading organizations recognize Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as an essential information tool to address extended markets, aging infrastructure, shifting demographics, and compressed cycle times.

The knowledge gained from GIS allows organizations to make better decisions, saving time and resources.

You can now use powerful geospatial capabilities to illuminate your existing real estate, facility and infrastructure information through the Archibus Geographic Extensions for Esri.

This integration will provide you an even more powerful multi-layered perspective of critical organizational initiatives.


Space Inventory


  • Improves organizational collaboration and decision-making by providing geospatial business intelligence for sites, space, infrastructure, and physical assets
  • Combines real estate, facility, and infrastructure with geospatial information to provide visual representations that improve analysis for competitive advantage
  • Allows both interior and exterior data to be queried simultaneously to visualize an organization’s assets and streamline enterprise workflow processes, enabling business transformation
  • Leverages Esri’s pre-eminent expertise in aggregating mapping and geospatial information quickly and at low cost

Mobile Framework

Provide a streamlined mobile experience for staff on the ground.

  • Space Book App: Provides all facilities staff with quick and easy access to key building data and drawings on their mobile devices and also enables them to conduct paperless space surveys
  • Maintenance App: Facilitates updating and completing work while in the field and also enhances the quality and accuracy of the information
  • Asset Registration App: Scans and accepts assets singly or in bulk at the loading dock or shipping room
  • Asset & Equipment Survey App: Supports creating and maintaining an asset inventory; completing work in the field to enhance the quality and accuracy of information
  • Incidents Reporting App: Captures and reports on environmental, health and safety incidents and details
  • Workplace Services Portal App: Supports request intake and processing for room reservations, A/V needs, etc.
  • Space & Occupancy Survey App: Facilitates verification of space allocation, employee location and much more
  • Mobile Executive Reports App: Generates metrics, alerts, and summary reports in the field
  • Hazardous Materials App: Find the location of hazardous materials through graphical building, floor, and room drill-downs, edit inventory and more

Space Inventory


  • Gives immediate access to graphical and non-graphical reports, forms, and views — anytime, anywhere – after initially connecting to a Wi-Fi, Internet, or cellular network
  • Lowers the overall cost of providing a two-way exchange of information to/from a centralized repository to mobile-enabled personnel
  • Supports hybrid mobile deployments, with an open-standard development environment for easy enhancement
  • Supports semi-connected native mobile apps to ensure work continuity and productivity even when there is no connection available

Performance Metrics

Effective portfolio and operations management is a challenge without accurate metrics to guide decision-making.

The Archibus Performance Metrics Framework is part of the Archibus business intelligence platform that helps owners, tenants and outsourcing service providers quantify real prop­erty portfolio performance from occupancy, operational and financial perspectives.

Support and line managers can overview organizational processes at-a-glance and stay in control of real estate transactions, capital projects, and facilities.

Using key performance indicators (KPIs), trend summaries, alerts, drill-down capabilities for more detailed analyses, as well as other analytical measures and productivity tools, decision-makers can align their portfolio spend to organizational strategy, spotlight underper­forming business units or assets, and benchmark organizational progress to achieve targeted goals.

Space Inventory


  • Obtain a balanced-scorecard view of portfolio health and align it with organizational strategy
  • Gain a comprehensive overview of facility processes with drill-downs
  • Manage leased and owned space more cost-effectively with intelligent analytics
  • Lower operational costs and improve return on net assets and cash flow with facility performance metrics

Archibus Extension for BUILDER™ SMS

Integrate the inventory and analysis of BUILDER™ with the user-friendly interface, data, reporting, KPI metrics, strategic analysis, and workflow of Archibus.

Centralize, Validate and Expand Data

Synchronize data in both directions, so that you only have to enter data once. Archibus validates data for accuracy and incorporates all data from BUILDER™ with additional asset management data. Create a reliable and complete central database.

Optimize with Performance Metrics

Inform strategy with performance metrics dashboards, incorporating KPIs from BUILDER™ and Archibus (including TCO). Address underperforming areas, track trends, and measure results.

Extend Asset Lifecycles

Link BUILDER to the Archibus Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) application. EAM provides a management framework for the entire lifecycle of every asset, so you can avoid lost, misused, or degraded assets.

Space Inventory


  • Reduce the risk of inaccurate data.
  • Integrate with KPI metrics
  • Centralize on one platform
  • Visualize in 2D and 3D models on Archibus
  • Optimize maintenance and compliance
  • Automatically updates BUILDER™ with Archibus data
  • Automatically updates Archibus with Archibus data
  • Combine inventory and analysis on one platform
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