Maximize the performance of your assets

Optimize your workplace assets, meet regulatory standards, and enable your team’s best work through a smooth-running workplace.

Get full visibility into how your assets are performing

Whether you’re managing assets in an office, industrial site, or special purpose real estate, Eptura Asset equips you with the tools you need to streamline upkeep and get more out of the resources you have.

Increase uptime of machines

Keep your assets running for longer with preventive maintenance, reducing the costs of downtime and boosting the performance of your business.

Get the most out of your assets

Ensure your assets are being used and maintained effectively with better management of your costs and repairs.

Simplify task management

Create a better technician experience with easy-to-use checklists and tracking tools for open work orders.

Choose how you

work your world

Maintenance request portal

Allow end-users to conveniently submit maintenance requests on broken equipment across your facilities.

Admin portal

Show work requests that come in through one portal and set up a calendar of the schedules, locations, and tasks assigned to your technicians.

Technician mobile app

Enable your technicians to stay on top of current work and log completion of tasks assigned to them right from their own mobile app.

Operator companion

Give operators their own web app that makes sure machinery they’re using meets safety compliance and automatically raises a maintenance request if it doesn’t meet required standards.

Make your

assets work harder

Automate equipment inspections, document compliance, and manage work requests in a single portal, freeing up your technicians’ time to focus on the tasks that drive value for your business.

Schedule a regular maintenance cadence to ensure repairs are made on time.

Promote the smooth handover of equipment before it’s passed between technicians, keeping a log of service history and ensuring safety requirements are met.

Follow the lifecycle of your assets from the moment of purchase, ensuring you have the latest information and insights into how they should be performing.

Enable easy logging of maintenance requests with a simple list of work orders that you can assign to the right technician based on location and priority.

Use budgeting within Eptura to track costs, forecast monthly expenditures, and log real versus predicted expenses based on historical data.

Within Eptura Fleet, track tire usage and lifespan, optimize fuel efficiency, and reduce risk of accidents caused by worn-out or damaged tires.

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