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Archibus is a suite of Workplace and Facilities Management applications, all share a single database and a uniform user-interface.

Robotech implements cutting-edge Archibus IWMS solutions to deliver optimal business outcomes for you.

Automating Workplace & Facilities Management operations for our clients, corporate real estate, education, healthcare and government institutions.

Our mission is to help you be successful with your Archibus and Autodesk technology by providing the highest quality innovative implementation services.

Archibus Overview video [1:30]:

Archibus Domains and Applications

Space Planning Management

Centralize and sort your space inventory into an AutoCAD integrated system with deep data.

Building Operations & Maintenance

React with speed and precision to unforeseen maintenance requests, with a seamless mobile experience for staff on the ground.

Real Estate Property

Get a financial overview of all capital and operational expenses organization wide, so you can assess total cost of ownership with granular detail.

Workplace Services

Connect staff to one system for reserving meeting rooms, booking work stations, and requesting moves and services.

Sustainability & Risk Management

Measure performance indicators and mitigate risk to reduce an organization’s carbon footprint and achieve other environmental goals.

Asset Management

Optimize the use of all assets throughout their full operational lifecycle, from acceptance through operational use, re-purposing and disposal.

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