We consider training to be one of the most important components in any Archibus project, and it involves a combination of software training, relevant business consulting and users coaching over a period of time. The training is uniquely tailored to the organization we are implementing for. We provide training for the required applications, features and tools, and train the users on how to produce, maintain and manage CAFM drawings and data to establish an Archibus space portfolio. Each training manual is developed specifically for the way Archibus is configured and deployed at your organization. One of our training goals is developing with you a training manual simple enough that someone can reference it after training and be able to understand how to use the application.


Available training topics:

    • Beginners training  for specific applications
    • System and database administrator training
    • Deployment and system configuration training
    • Archibus Custom Topic Training / Coaching
    • Archibus Development Training



    • Training curriculum is customized for the company and users’ goals, data, applications and processes
    • Provided hands-on with the user(s) per their role
    • It involves consulting / training / coaching / documenting and working together on YOUR data
    • Training typically includes development of a Custom Guide for the users
    • Reports and Routines developed during training remain users property part of the system
    • Can be performed onsite, in our Training Center or in combination of both
    • Delivered by a senior experienced Application Engineer / Trainer
    • Provided in intervals to let students digest and make progress on their on
    • Normally combined with post-training Tech-Support program
    • Scheduled based on parties availability in 8, 6, or 4 hour sessions (remote sessions 2 hour minimum)
    • Initial recommended scope for new Archibus users is 40 hours