• Understand the challenges facing landscape architects and urban designers in a BIM environment
  • Understand the process involved in developing attribute data, applying it to objects, and exporting it
  • Understand the workflow used to deliver a large-scale landscape project in a BIM environment
  • Understand the collaboration process undertaken



Creating a fully attributed 3D model to satisfy the BIM requirements of a project has become a requirement for many projects due to the BIM Level 2 government mandate. Current BIM software is primarily focused on architectural applications and overlooks the specific requirements of complex and large-scale landscape architecture (LA) and master planning (MP) projects. The talk will outline how we developed a script for Civil 3D to add additional attributes to C3D and AutoCAD objects; Surfaces, Blocks and Solids, the challenges we faced, and how we approached them. The class will follow our workflow on a 200 ha site for a major event, where we used C3D to create a BIM model for LA, lighting, and signage elements, importing them into Navisworks for clash detection and collaboration with other disciplines, such as civil engineers and architects. We will also cover the fundamentals of what attribute data was required, the rationale behind the choices, and how we managed data drops.


Building/Civil Engineering, Civil Engineer and Technician, Construction Engineer, Construction Manager, Cost Engineer/Estimator, IT Manager/CAD Equipment Manager, Landscape Designer



Shaun has practised landscape architecture for 13 years, first in Queenstown, New Zealand, and then for the last 10 years in London. Most of his work has been at the construction phase of public realm projects, including Regent’s Place in London and the Qatar Public Realm in Qatar. Since joining AECOM in 2014 as an associate director, he has taken on roles in technical development for the department and business line. This involved developing the BIM capability of the Landscape Department and coordinating with the other disciplines to allow greater collaboration across the company.