Have you tried setting up your own shortcuts in Revit? If you’re new to the program, shortcuts help increase your workflow and efficiency. Here’s how to set up your own Keyboard Shortcuts in Revit.

There are 2 methods of accessing this menu:

  1. Open the Application Menu > go to Options > click on User Interface > then Keyboard Shortcuts
  2. Find the View tab > under User Interface > click on Keyboard Shortcuts (KS is the keyboard shortcut)

This will opens the Dialog Box, where you can see all of the default keyboard shortcuts.
Locate the Search Bar at the top, type in your name or keyword for your desired command
Click within the empty cell next to the Command name
Press the new keys you would like to assign, and you will see at the bottom your input

Don’t forget to hit the green cross Assign button, then OK!
Let’s check out our new shortcut. If you haven’t used Revit or Revit shortcuts before, just type in the assigned letters or key combinations to activate the command. No need to press Enter or Spacebar if you’re coming from AutoCAD

You can also check out the tool itself within the Ribbon. The tooltip will now feature the assigned shortcut next to the name.