Maximize desk bookings with your co-working space using Mapsted’s intelligent mapping system and increase your customer’s productivity by enhancing their office environment experience.

Mapsted’s advanced digital indoor map of your co-working space identifies available desks and offices which your customers can book online from anywhere, anytime.

Mapsted optimizes your co-working space in three fundamental ways:

  1. Enhance your current reservation booking system by showcasing an online real-time digital map of your co-working space that customers can view to choose the location of the desk that best suits their needs, such as a private office or a more collaborative desk setting.Your customers will now be able to confirm their booking with the confidence of knowing the exact location of their desk or office ahead of time.
  2. After booking your, customers can find their new desk space on their smartphone using Mapsted’s digital floor plan and turn-by-turn wayfinding.
  3. Once your customers have set up their physical desk space they can easily share their location by using a URL, email, QR code, or SMS.
    Instant communications that include wayfinding information for colleagues and visitors saves time and guarantees meeting arrangements are hassle-free.Mapsted’s intelligent mapping system utilizes an interactive digital floor plan of your co-working space and becomes a valuable tool for your business to generate more desk bookings and minimize wasted assets.
    Maximize your revenue by offering customers special upgrade incentives based on Mapsted’s automated visualization of currently available desks and offices.

Mapsted’s cutting edge mapping system does not rely on a separate app that your customers have to download. Easily integrate Mapsted’s customized digital map into your existing website, application, and kiosk.