Answers to Common Facility Management Questions

What is a Facilities Management System?

Facilities management systems help organizations manage their repair and maintenance programs from start to finish via processes and software.

What is Facility Management Software?

Facilities Management Software is a tool that helps organizations manage their buildings, spaces, and occupants more efficiently and effectively via a personalized online dashboard.

What is the Role of Facility Management?

Facility Management (FM) ensures the functionality, safety, and efficiency of the built environment within an organization.



Optimize operations with pro-active tools for automating preventive maintenance. Track and evaluate everything to improve continuously and enhance outcomes across the board.

Implementing facility management software will help your company to:

Generate Detailed Work Orders

Enable occupants, craftspersons, and managers to generate work orders from anywhere.

Automate Preventive Maintenance

Prevent costly breaks before they happen with a preventive maintenance strategy. Generate work orders automatically based on the specific maintenance of needs of different assets with an automated Preventive Maintenance Planner.

Prioritize And Centralize Work Orders

View, approve, and manage all work orders from a single console. Drill into each order and advance to view details and advance its status through to completion. Automate alerts for critical orders and bottlenecks that need attention.

Respond Quickly And Effectively

Enable craftspersons to receive requests directly on their mobile phones with relevant details, then update orders with additional details after completion. Track the status of each order to ensure that the job is done, and reschedule missed orders.

Evaluate And Optimize

Evaluate effectiveness with metrics that enable you to track the cost, labor, and performance of operations. Track trends, identify outliers, and gain visibility into how effectively your strategy is meeting needs on the ground.

Anticipate Budgetary Needs

Calculate the cost of your preventive maintenance plan for the year ahead to ensure that your budget reflects your priorities.




Optimize space across your entire portfolio to maximize usage and enable your workforce. Streamline moves and ensure everyone is where they need to be.

Plan With Insight

Define and allocate space with an intuitive color-coded display. Group teams together or reclassify offices as meeting rooms to keep up with needs on the ground.

Streamline Individual And Group Moves

Manage all move requests in a single console. Prioritize, approve, and execute requests with the benefit of relevant details and visual planning tools. Plan larger move projects and test scenarios at the scale of campuses and cities.

Increase Capacity With Dynamic Team Space

Replace one-to-one seating ratios with denser neighborhoods of shared team space. Account for remote and part-time staff by allocating seats based on average attendance, and foster an agile work environment.

Get Ahead Of Needs And Risks

Stay ahead of needs by tracking occupancy trends, and identifying critical bottlenecks with alerts.  Identify under-performing outliers.

Benchmark Spaces To Optimize Performance

View how space is allocated across divisions, departments, buildings and campuses. Compare spaces to identify vacancies, and spot where space is needed most.

Enhance Accountability With Chargebacks

Chargeback internal departments for the space they use to incentivize consolidation. Maximize real estate and shrink your footprint to reflect your needs.