Simplify check-in for everyone

Secure your workplace and make hosting clients and visiting employees completely seamless with fully integrated visitor management.


Streamline your visitor experience

Create a great experience for everyone while protecting the health of your people and the security of your business.


Ensure a secure working environment

Welcome visitors into the workplace with an experience that doesn’t compromise your company’s health, security, or compliance objectives


Automate visitor management

Sync visitor and employee data with your access control system, send unique QR codes to grant access at the right time, and get real-time information about who is in the building.


Reduce operational costs

Save time with an automated visitor management system, allowing office staff to dedicate more time and resources to other projects.


Check-ins made easy

Get everything you need to make welcoming visitors a breeze.

Remote registration

Save time by allowing your visitors to answer key questions ahead of their visit and generate a custom QR code for easy check-in and building access when they arrive.

Workplace security

Secure the work environment and protect your people with integrated watchlists, ID matching, and the ability to pre-approve visitors.


Autonomous check-in

Increase visitor satisfaction and save time with self-service check-in capabilities by integrating with the systems that already exist in your building.

Seamless integration

Offer a touchless experience and let visitors breeze through access control systems with integrations such as email invites, e-sign NDAs, RFID access cards, and mobile QR codes.

Data security

Comply with local and international privacy regulations with customizable data retention and deletion rules.

Digital logbook

Get real-time detailed audit reports of visitor flow across your location.

Emergency management

Conduct digital roll calls in the event of an emergency or drill situation to account for everyone in the building.

Choose how you work your world

Mobile app

Make visitor check-in a breeze with easy registration, unique QR codes for every employee or guest, and helpful wayfinding tools.


Web portal

Get a full overview of who’s coming and going from your buildings, approve or reject scheduled visitors, and get notified when guests arrive to ensure a warm welcome.

Visitor kiosks

Sync visitor and employee data with your access control system so everyone can get where they’re going without any friction.

Want to know more?

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