University of Worcester – St Johns Campus
The Users in our Eco-system are renowned for rising to the business challenges presented in Real Estate and FM. Our colleagues at University of Worcester in the United Kingdom implemented ARCHIBUS to improve customer service and business processes. They also engaged all stakeholders to become custodians of their built environment. The team increased customer satisfaction, whilst at the same time increasing effectiveness and efficiency.


ARCHIBUS as an enabling technology

Moreover the team at University of Worcester realised that ARCHIBUS, as with any software solutions, is an enabling technology, not a silver bullet. ARCHIBUS offers a series of tools for users in our eco-system to engage with people in their organisations. ARCHIBUS also provides a platform for standardisation so that everyone can collaborate using a common language, to meet common goals.

However the software is only a component of a robust business solution. The people who use and come into contact with the system are those who make it successful. The Estates team realised that underpinning the implementation with their key objectives and looking for an eminently visible “win”. For them that win was based on identifying a fundamental work flow. It was a process that looks very simple but it was the key to unlocking the potential of the people around them.

They looked to answer a basic question: how to get all the stakeholders communicating when a problem arose. The answer was to employ mobile technology to join the dots.

Keeping it simple

Because ARCHIBUS can be so powerful it is easy to ignore the fact that the best solutions in business terms can be simple. The team at University of Worcester highlighted that during their presentation at ARCHIBUS Nexus earlier this year. Their quirky “silver screen” video representation of maintenance job received a rapturous reception.

The team showed that you can have the best software in the world, but success is based on business knowledge. An organisation needs to know what it wants, and how things work in its own business, in order to take best advantage of a software solution.

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