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With the growing number of point solutions in the market, some may think that an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) is no longer necessary. But, having one central tool to house all facility and asset data does have its benefits—and it’s becoming even more important when thinking about the future. Specifically, an IWMS is a key component when integrating building information modeling (BIM) and building management system (BMS) data to create a digital twin.

Analysts agree: An IWMS is becoming more important with each passing year. A Verdantix research report projects the market for IWMS solutions to reach $737 million by 2024, with a billion-dollar opportunity encompassing computer-aided facility management (CAFM) and computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) solutions in the periphery. The key driver behind the growing smart building software market? Digital twins and the potential for data-driven insights that empower more cost-efficient facility operations.

Archibus, by iOFFICE + SpaceIQ stands as an IWMS market leader. The platform offers comprehensive systems for optimizing built environments—whether you’re keeping up with growth, reducing portfolio costs, or optimizing the workplace to bring out the best in employees. Start simple, and evolve into a system that keeps your organization at the forefront of innovation.

Here’s a look at some of the ways Archibus sets the standard for IWMS and why companies across the world have made it their de facto platform for centralizing digital facility operations.

Manage data in one place for quick decision making

Point solutions are great for fixing a specific problem or bridging a unique gap in a data ecosystem. Unfortunately, they do little outside of what they’re intended to. As workplaces become increasingly digitized ecosystems, point solutions can’t keep up with synergistic demands. Businesses need a centralized platform for data aggregation and integration: a backbone for their digital ops.

Archibus enables a holistic view of your built environment by quickly integrating data with any platform, software, sensors, or other technologies in your tech stack. More important, it’s easy to add on and expand the workplace datasphere in the future with an open platform.

Meets your organization’s global and local needs

Business isn’t defined by borders anymore, and even small companies can have a global presence. The ability to meet global objectives while streamlining local operations is imperative to success. Archibus enables data-driven solutions at both macro and micro levels.

Adapt your built environment based on industry trends and best practices, as well as local, state, and federal regulations, and any other needs specific to your business. Archibus also leverages an experienced Global Partner Network that understands the market and your business, to provide unique solutions, tailored to enabling success at-scale.

Easily perform daily tasks

Whether in a traditional office format, a hub for flex work, or a coworking model, workplaces and broader facilities require everyday oversight. The scope of that oversight depends on the model and the needs of employees. Whatever the demands, Archibus empowers facility managers to realize and meet them.

Archibus’ IWMS platform leverages a more efficient and simpler user interface (UI), while delivering the full functionality and powerful user experience (UX) needed to execute a full range of essential tasks. From simple upkeep by internal staff to managing a team of third-party vendors, everyday tasks happen through Archibus.

Quickly launch across the organization

Easy implementation of the Archibus platform assists with a straightforward deployment and rapid adoption, from data entry to business outcomes. From facility managers to executive management teams, key stakeholders have instant access to powerful insights and performance-driven tools. It’s easy to get everyone on the same page with a cloud-based system that serves as a single source of truth for facilities data.

Best of all, Archibus offers help as you grow. Whatever or whenever the need arises, Archibus provides unmatched support and services backed by 35+ years of experience and a deep understanding of the global IWMS market. Archibus is even available out-of-the-box in seven languages, and easily configured for others.

Enhance your data

Integrated workplaces and smart building ecosystems are only getting bigger, more complex, and more important. The data they yield has the potential to drive key decision-making for organizations at every level of operation. Archibus brings it all together in one place, through unparalleled data aggregation capabilities.

Improve your energy, asset lifecycle, strategic space planning, and more with existing BIM data via a seamless bi-directional integration with Autodesk. Add GIS data for even more context. No matter how many inputs you have or the prevalence of the data itself, Archibus paves the way for building an advanced digital twin—and all the capabilities that come with it.

The IWMS era is only beginning

Point solutions are popular right now as companies begin to dabble in digitizing their facility operations. But, according to a report by IDC, they’re a far cry from the solutions these companies actually need.

Too many organizations are missing the point of having an integrated workplace management system and are using an assorted collection of applications,” said Juliana Beauvais, research manager, Enterprise Applications at IDC. “Fully leverage all the capabilities of an IWMS to create a long-term strategy for your organization’s workplaces, campuses, facilities, and retail stores.”

Archibus is leading the charge into a future where digital facilities management is the norm. Our open platform allows organizations to manage their entire built environment, with integrations that support BIM, BMS, HR, and IT systems. Archibus centralizes key facility management components to help organizations manage their workspace, facilities, asset performance, and portfolio—all in one place.

Bottom line? Archibus makes workplaces good for business and great for people by providing an easy-to-implement, flexible, and scalable platform. The IWMS platform helps businesses manage their entire built environment and integrated data, no matter the size or scope of their operations.


Article written by Devon Maresco, Marketing Coordinator