Archibus OnSite is the new maintenance-focused mobile app for field technicians.

OnSite focuses on giving the maintenance technician access to work orders assigned to him or her,
without the need to print out details or write updates by hand. It provides lists of both corrective
and preventive work orders that require the technician’s attention, the ability to filter and sort the list by a number of criteria, and all work order and asset details needed to get the job done correctly. It allows the technician to write up notes, take pictures, log labor hours, and complete work right on the mobile device.

Customers expect an easy-to-use and modern mobile app to enable maintenance technicians to do
their jobs in the field, without the need to access a desktop computer or print out a stack of work
orders. Since it was built several years ago and mobile technology has vastly improved since then,
Archibus’s current maintenance mobile solution was due for a refresh.