Maintaining safe, functional, and compliant facilities and infrastructure while minimizing operating costs and maximizing reimbursement, can be a difficult balancing act. Such challenges make it crucial to effectively track, analyze, and report facilities-related information that supports strategic decision-making. Every day, educational institutions efficiently perform their core missions by using the sector’s leading integrated real estate, facilities, and infrastructure management solution–Archibus.

Robotech IWMS Solution has been providing Archibus implementation for Higher-Ed institutions over 30 years. Robotech’s team of subject-matter professionals provides consulting and technical services including systems deployment, hosting, integration, configuration, training and technical support that result in a successful workplace management operation.

What are the Benefits of Using Archibus?

  1. Maximize funding and Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR) through accurate, defensible space utilization data
  2. Create a central information repository to better analyze space allocation scenarios and improve strategic planning
  3. Minimize unnecessary expenditures by optimizing the acquisition, use, and maintenance of physical assets and infrastructure
  4. Streamline the work order process to improve productivity and customer satisfaction
  5. Incorporate a geospatial perspective for enhanced analysis and decision-making

Campus Asset Explorer helps visualize how your space is being utilized.

Activities & Reports

Space Management

  • Rooms by Building
  • Synchronize Room Percentages
  • Highlight Rooms by Department
  • Financial Statement for Chargeback
  • Actual Cost vs. Budgets by Department
  • Historical Space Usage by Department

Asset Management

  • Equipment Standards and Inventory
  • Asset Depreciation Schedules
  • Equipment Disposition History

Operations & Maintenance

  • Work Orders Scheduled vs. Completed
  • Rooms with Active Work Orders
  • Service-Level Agreements
  • Parts Usage History
  • Planning Board for Labor Resources

Capital Budgeting

  • Approved Projects by Funding Year
  • Available Capital and Expense Funds
  • Budget by Program

Geospatial Views

  • Facilities and Site Infrastructure Master Planning
  • Utilities, Cable Plant, & Network Management
  • Environmental Health and Safety Compliance
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response

Plus more than 10,000 other activities and reports right out-of-of-the-box.

“Archibus helped us increase our data accuracy and reporting as well as our efficiency by cutting down all of the unnecessary steps in updating our inventory and floor plans.” Karen Abel-Co, University of British Colombia

Maximize Indirect Cost Reimbursements

  • Accurately track space usage and occupancy to ensure maximum reimbursement for grants and other sponsored activities
  • Provide solid, defensible data and reports by grant, department, occupancy, and room use for audits
  • Empower staff and faculty to access reports and enter information regarding space usage, duration, and grants while enforcing organizational standards

Centralize Space Information

  • Easily track and report on space and physical assets according to FICM standards
  • Graphically identify types and duration of space usage and vacancies to enhance strategic planning
  • Create meaningful data roll-ups using multi-tier hierarchies that reflect your organizational structure
  • Streamline periodic space surveys using web-enabled workflow tools that inventory and organize information

Optimize Assets and Infrastructure

  • Analyze the value and performance of your assets to better prioritize capital spending
  • Increase cost awareness by tracking lifecycle expenditures on property and equipment
  • Improve overall space utilization via powerful reporting and chargeback functionality
  • Track asset condition to identify critical deficiencies and integrate with capital budgeting and project management activities

Streamline Operations and Maintenance

  • Standardize and automate the work request and work order process through easy-to-use web forms
  • Ensure the safety and regulatory compliance of buildings, systems, and equipment using tools for periodic condition assessment
  • Analyze the frequency of corrective maintenance to proactively identify potential problems
  • Improve equipment uptime by managing and documenting maintenance practices
  • Reduce unnecessary labor usage and costs by project, building, department, or equipment
  • Manage capital budgets and projects effectively using weighted performance scorecards

Bring Geographic Intelligence to Your Campus

  • Gain a powerful, multi-layered perspective of campus-scale space planning through Archibus Geospatial Extensions for ESRI
  • Flow architectural CAD and Building Information Modeling (BIM) directly into GIS
  • Maintain an integrated data repository for critical information on assets and processes—both inside and outside of your buildings
  • Merge GIS and enterprise workflows to speed mission-essential processes and deliver results

Deploy Quickly to Make the Grade

  • Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) delivery enables deployment as fast as 30 days with payback within six months
  • Open system architecture enables easy data exchange with other ERP systems and data sources
  • Scalable, modular software lets users assemble a solution that best fits their requirements and budget

“We know what is going on real-time. Previously, before we did this, we had huge knowledge gaps. We had to pick up the phone 3–4 times a day with hundreds of members of staff just to work out what was going on. Now, we’ve got a real update from an engineer on the ground within minutes. Archibus is part of the daily life of people in our department.” Richard Kimber, University of the West of England