Mobile technologies, high-speed internet and secure VPN access enable personnel to work virtually anywhere. When employees are not physically in the office for most of their workday, they may not require a dedicated office space. Archibus’ Hoteling application supports this paradigm of flexible occupancy and enables organizations to refine their space utilization rates and realize efficiency and cost savings by creating agile neighborhoods and manage flexible occupancy for personnel that are not on-site full time.

The Archibus Workplace Portal and Hoteling application with its self-serve Booking Tool, enables organizations to manage agile space and gain efficient utilization, enabling them to:

  • Better adapt to the ever changing work environment by offering agile office space.
  • Improve employee satisfaction by providing personnel with seats on an as-needed basis.
  • Improve productivity by enabling teams to find and book collaborative work space.
  • Analyze space utilization to determine space needs and adjust.
  • Provide employees with efficient self-serve tool for booking seats in advance.

Perform Neighborhood Bookings [1:00m]

Workplace Bookings with Amenities [0:41m]

Clean Hoteled Rooms [1:57m]

Track Shifts and Phases [1:10m]

Book a Desk Near a Colleague [0:41m]