Extensive Release

As software author, ARCHIBUS has to maintain technical compliance, whilst at the same time enhancing the product and introducing new features and functions.

Whilst this is an extensive release, the concentration has been on enhancement. Key areas are the expansion of Contract Management, and the integration of the Move Management process with Strategic Planning.  Moreover, we see the introduction of ISO55000 compliant chain of custody monitoring in Asset Management.

Everyone has their own agenda with regard to that road map and here at The ARCHIBUS Foundation we have been pushing users’ priorities around Asset and Maintenance Management. I’m happy to say that these have been taken into account, with many enhancements and new features on show.


Furthermore this release builds on the ideas taken forward in the previous version. Version 23.2 is characterized by the continued development of a strategic view, whilst improving operational applications. In addition ARCHIBUS has continued the trend of refining the user interface. They have enhanced user-friendly consoles and  introducing new planning functions. The interactive PM Planner and Labour scheduling consoles are important additions. These are designed to improve your tracking and scheduling of preventive maintenance services and labor management.

What’s more the 3D Navigator  has been included in many additional consoles throughout the software. This innovative tool allows users to view and interrogate 3d models within ARCHIBUS, without requiring specialised software tools. Consequently, users can now switch instantly between 2D and 3D views, greatly streamlining the BIM model approval.

Nexus 2018

Not only does the new version keep everyone busy,  our preparation for ARCHIBUS NEXUS 2018 is well under way and the response to our call for presentations has been excellent. However, there are still a few slots available for potential presenters.