Archibus Provides the Data, Tools and Intelligence to Optimize Your Space Strategy

It’s no secret that space is expensive, but misused space not only leads to overblown property portfolios, it impacts your organizational mission. Spaces shape the activities we do within them, from office productivity to campus learning, or hospitals maximizing government reimbursements. Whether you need to consolidate real estate, improve forecasting and planning, or create an innovative workplace, ARCHIBUS applications align your space strategy with your mission. The immobilier kenny langburt service will give you a best real estate agent to buy or sale your property.

10 Benefits to Using Archibus Space Management Software

1. Shrink real estate footprint

Consolidate space use to consolidate your property portfolio. Track every space and every occupant across your entire portfolio to optimize your real estate strategy.

2. Enhance accountability with chargebacks

Calculate the cost of every space in your organization and charge it back to departments, holding them accountable for every space they use.

3. Forecast needs with scenario planning

Plan for future needs by visualizing scenarios that reflect the future state of your leases and total occupancy. Test different space and occupancy scenarios until you find the ideal solution.

4. Transform the workplace with shared team space

Design different shared space types for different types of workflow, and track them with capacity models. Automate desk reservations with hoteling.

5. Increase building capacity with innovative space use

Increase capacity by consolidating space, convert space into denser seating, or creating innovative team space for partially remote staff that don’t need a permanent desk.

6. Visualize space use and needs

Access all of your space data through interactive floorplans, switching views to cleanly evaluate area, space type, cost, and occupancy data. Integrate with 2D and 3D modeling.

7. Track trends, identify outliers

See how space use evolves over time with KPI dashboards. Compare and evaluate space use by department, division, business unit, and other functional groups

8. Track teams and personnel

Easily see where departments, teams and staff are located. Click on a space to see how it has been assigned, track staff with a search filter.

9. Automate reservations and hoteling

Automate reservations of common areas (conference rooms, community centers, etc), and create a transparent hoteling system for workstations.

10. Integrate with Real Estate and Building Operations

Integrate all of your space data with ARCHIBUS Real Estate Management for a centralized view of leases alongside space use. Integrate with Building Operations to optimize the time, cost, and labor of maintenance.

How Each Application Targets Your Goals

ARCHIBUS applications fully integrate data, floorplans, and functionality into one system, providing a central repository of information. Seamlessly switch between applications, and add applications as you go.

Discover each application’s role in optimizing your space strategy:

Space Inventory & Performance

Track Space, Centralize Data Sort all your floorplans and space data into a clean visual inventory with strategic metrics. All space activities depend on having the centralized, accurate, and organized view of space that Space Inventory & Performance provides. Key Benefits

    • Sort and define floorplans in a clean inventory tree
    • Navigate space data with interactive maps and floorplans
    • Access area measurements at your fingertips
    • Filter total area by site, building, floor, department, or team
    • Integrate with a variety of drawing technologies such as AutoCAD and Revit to publish drawings

Personnel & Occupancy

Track People, Optimize Space Use Avoid wasted space and optimize occupancy by tracking space usage and simplifying how space is assigned to people and teams. Create shared team spaces to enhance capacity. Key Benefits

    • Locate occupants quickly through interactive floorplans, occupant trees, and a search function
    • Optimize space use with occupancy metrics that identify overcrowded or vacant spaces
    • Set benchmarks for ideal occupancy ratios, and measure against actual occupancy metrics
    • Transform workplace with team space to enhance collaboration and capacity

Space Chargeback

Track Costs, Enhance Accountability Consolidate space and optimize your real estate footprint by charging departments and teams for the space that they use. Key Benefits:

  • Calculate the cost of space by square foot or square meter
  • Filter space costs by department, team, site, building, floor, or room type
  • Split costs between teams/departments for shared and common areas
  • Quickly generate accurate chargeback reports

Strategic Space Planning

Forecast Needs, Test Future Scenarios Leverage space, cost, and occupancy data from the applications above, along with lease data, through a visual sandbox for space scenario planning. Forecast needs, test solutions, and identify the most successful strategy for your organization. Key Benefits:

  • Evaluate hypothetical space scenarios with detailed data on personnel, space types, cost, and area
  • Visualize occupancy and space assignments by dragging and dropping space allocation blocks between floors and between buildings
  • Gather space requirements and visualize those requirements as events in a stacking plan
  • Evaluate how plans impact costs and occupancy, with key performance metrics
  • Incorporate lease data by integrating with ARCHIBUS Real Estate Portfolio Management


Automate Reservations of Common Areas Connect occupants to a transparent and automated system for reserving common areas. Key Benefits:

  • Automate the coordination of meeting spaces
  • Track reservation schedules
  • Connect staff to a centralized and streamlined system


Manage Reservations of Temporary Work Stations Manage reservations of individual work stations by automating how employees reserve individual desks and other areas. Key Benefits:

  • Coordinate reservations of individual work stations and desks
  • Connect staff to a centralized system for instant reservations
  • Abandon one-seat-per-person, efficiently share desks
To track leases, optimize your real estate portfolio, and evaluate your total cost of ownership from a financial viewpoint, see ARCHIBUS Real Estate Portfolio Management applications.