Transition to named users

Autodesk is switching multi-user subscriptions (network deployments) to  “named user” subscriptions (single user standalone).  During this transition, you can receive 2 standalone subscriptions for each network subscription.  This becomes available on the 1st subscription renewal, whenever that occurs, on or after August 7, 2020.  You can continue to renew the multi-user subscription for one more year, but in that case you will miss the opportunity to receive the 2 for 1 subscription offer; upon next renewal, you will be transitioned to a single user license at a 1:1 ratio. The 2 for 1 pricing discount will be in effect until 2028, with 5% increases every other year, but can only be obtained at your first renewal.

Top ten named user benefits
See ten reasons to transition your company to a named user plan at your first renewal.



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