Better service delivery increasingly means faster and more accurate service delivery, a goal now made practical through implementation of the latest mobile technology.
The Archibus Mobile Framework, added to Web Central v.21 or later, delivers a new breed of secure, easily configurable, and customer-responsive apps, providing accurate facilities information when and where it is needed. Archibus creates mobile apps once which will run on a variety of late model, high-end mobile devices. And, new technology makes your data — including photos, campus plans, and floor plans — interactive, so that any authorized user can quickly locate spaces, people, assets, and tasks.



• Gives immediate access to graphical and non-graphical reports, forms, and views — anytime, anywhere — after initially connecting to a Wi-Fi, Internet, or cellular network
• Lowers the overall cost of providing a two-way exchange of information to/from a centralized repository to mobile-enabled personnel
• Supports hybrid mobile deployments, with an open-standard development environment for easy enhancement
• Supports semi-connected native mobile apps to ensure work continuity and productivity even when there is no connection available



Economical, Bi-Directional Data Exchange Increases Productivity

Archibus Mobile Framework Apps make the exchange of space, floor plan and other information accurate, instantaneous, and indispensable. Just as important, it replaces paper-based reporting with electronic forms that transmit data directly to a central repository, eliminating misplaced files and associated delays in retrieving them.
• Accelerate projects by accessing needed data and services at anytime, anywhere they are needed, from any standard device
• Enhance work-team coordination, internal customer satisfaction, and work cost chargeback
• Improve accuracy of location information for first responders to mitigate risk and associated costs
• Speed collection of data in the field and eliminate redundant data entry


Semi-Connected App Support and More

The Archibus Mobile Framework provides a cost effective, flexible infrastructure to simplify work processes and minimize the use of error-prone printouts and written notes.
• The Archibus Mobile Framework supports semiconnected native mobile apps to ensure work continuity and productivity even when there is no Internet connection available
• Supports a ”bring your own device” (BYOD) strategy
• Integrates mobile connectivity seamlessly with IT enterprise mobile governance policies

Apps for Core Mobile Capabilities

The Archibus Mobile Framework extends the existing Web Central application business logic to field personnel who need mobile access to Archibus data. It utilizes the workflow, validation, and data already defined in Web Central to enable location-based information access and creation. They include:

• Space Book App: Provides all facilities staff with quick and easy access to key building data and drawings on their mobile devices and also enables them to conduct paperless space surveys
• Maintenance App: Facilitates updating and completing work while in the field and also enhances the quality and accuracy of the information
• Asset Registration App: Scans and accepts assets singly or in bulk at the loading dock or shipping room
• Asset & Equipment Survey App: Supports creating and maintaining an asset inventory; completing work in the field to enhance the quality and accuracy of information
• Incidents Reporting App: Captures and reports on environmental, health and safety incidents and details
• Workplace Services Portal App: Supports request intake and processing for room reservations, A/V needs, etc.
• Space & Occupancy Survey App: Facilitates verification of space allocation, employee location and much more
• Mobile Executive Reports App: Generates metrics, alerts, and summary reports in the field
• Hazardous Materials App: Find the location of hazardous materials through graphical building, floor, and room drill-downs, edit inventory and more


Anywhere-Access to Graphical and Non-Graphical Reports

Archibus easily delivers graphical data the way your organization needs it. You can, for example, publish floor plans directly from within AutoCAD that then can be viewed in mobile devices. That means you can see floor plans, photos, forms and other graphical data with the same accessibility and clarity that users would expect if they were sitting at their desks. These capabilities make Archibus mobile apps a better way to share graphical and non-graphical information.
• Make presentations more effective and discussions more productive with space plans at your fingertips
• Create and post enterprise graphics on all your floor plans with just one click
• Publish, in a single action, allocation and vacancy highlights to the Space Book
• Take highlighted and labeled floor plans anywhere — even where there is no Wi-Fi connection
• Transfer images, such as photographs of building conditions, using the mobile apps synchronization feature