Archibus Healthcare: New Features Designed for Healthcare Organizations (Video)

by | Jun 28, 2021 | ARCHIBUS, Facilities Management

We understand your need to track, manage, and report on specific attributes, such as occupancy types, life-safety, room pressure, etc. as part of your regulatory compliance program. Archibus Healthcare is taking facilities management one step further with features designed specifically for healthcare organizations.

This on-demand webinar shows how Archibus Healthcare can help ensure your:

  • Assets are accessible and the location meets organizational and regulatory requirements
  • Spaces are compliant and deficiencies are resolved making hospital staff more productive and keeping patients as safe as possible
  • Life safety building features (LSBF), such as fire barriers, escape exits and critical assets are easily tracked and managed
  • Operations are optimized and stakeholders receive reports that are most important to them
  • Building, floor, and room information, such as occupancy types, life-safety, room pressure, etc., is personalized to meet your needs