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As companies are planning return to work, Archibus users realize the value of their CAD drawings and Space Database to help in this process. Stay tuned for an upcoming information pack from Robotech addressing back-to-work process and considerations.

A free Archibus Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) application:

Archibus is offering a complementary free license of the Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Web Central application for 18 months to Archibus customers with effective maintenance program. Robotech will provide installation, videos, tutorials and guidance to help you adopt the Archibus EHS application in your organization.

With Archibus Environmental Health & Safety you can:

  • Track onsite and offsite COVID-19 cases and quickly identify trends and provide reporting
  • Enable your managers to quickly associate incidents with locations and personnel
  • Reduce the overall cost of administering a comprehensive, defensible health and safety program

Contact us at 201-792-6300 or email if you want to explore the Archibus EHS application. We wish you all good health and safe return to work soon! Best Regards,

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