ARCHIBUS Implementation

Receive on-site database and Web server implementation support for the installation, setup and configuration of ARCHIBUS applications. Implementation planning and project management services are also offered.


  • Custom solution design
  • Implementation planning
  • Needs assessment consultation


  • ARCHIBUS implementation
  • Project management services
  • Implementation support


  • Customization Reference (Advanced)
  • ARCHIBUS Fundamentals (End-User)
  • Customized documentation
  • Application specific
  • Special topics

Project Data and Drawing Creation/Migration

Establish guidelines during the initial process of collecting, entering, and verifying data or importing information stored in other systems to ensure a successful ARCHIBUS implementation. Create new or convert existing drawings from AutoCAD® or other CAD systems and integrate them into ARCHIBUS.

  • Document standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • Data gathering/data entry
  • Development of standards and conventions
  • Data migration of legacy data sources
  • CAD drafting

Application Personalization/Customization

Personalize the ARCHIBUS solution by changing navigation, security, and control information without affecting the database structure. You can also customize the way data is entered and extracted in accordance with your business practices-our specialists help you take advantage of powerful technologies such as XML, ARCHIBUS ActiveX objects, and Web templates.

General Services

  • ARCHIBUS custom reporting
  • Crystal Report custom RPT files
  • Custom Executive Information Systems (EIS) scenarios
  • Interface development – dialog forms
  • Web Central template/process customization
  • Workflow process design
  • Security configuration: application – database – Web server

Database Services

  • Structural modifications (adding tables and fields)
  • Implementation of audit trail or audit logs
  • Database administration data clean-up
  • Database translation (Sybase – Oracle – MS/SQL Server)

Application Integration

Link ARCHIBUS with other ERP applications such as Human Resources, Financial, and Security systems to increase functionality and productivity. Work with our specialists to implement the powerful ARCHIBUS integration tools that bridge departmental applications, ultimately adding value to everyone’s work.

Technologies Used To Deliver Integration Solutions ARCHIBUS can deploy multiple tools and techniques to support emerging application-to-application technologies:

  • Batch data migration
  • AutoLisp xdata translation
  • Database “Back-End”
  • E-mail messaging
  • ActiveX
  • API / OLE automation
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • XML
  • XSL
  • VB script