“Archibus-Serraview” has recently added a product, SpaceIQ, to it’s collection of worplace management software solutions.  After this purchase, the company decided to change its name from “Archibus-Serraview” to “SpaceIQ”. To avoid confusion between the current SpaceIQ product, the product name was changed to SiQ.  So, the company SpaceIQ (formerly Archibus) now offers three products:

If you are an Archibus user, or interested in the product, please rest assured that the iconic IWMS Archibus software continues to be developed, improved and upgraded continuously, with support and technical services offered by Robotech FM Solutions as in the last 30+ years.  A new Archibus release Archibus current version v25.2  has been recently introduces, with Covid-19 related features and best practices.  Still confused?  Please call us at 201-792-6300 or send an email inquiry to techs@robotechcad.com.