Autodesk Updates InfraWorks and Civil 3D for 2018

Autodesk has announced the arrival of the latest updates for its building information modeling and infrastructure design tools InfraWorks and AutoCAD Civil 3D. In this major release, Autodesk has made significant upgrades to both software packages, making it much easier to build vivid overviews of building projects, create accurate project cost analysis, make roadway design […]

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Frejus Tunnel Project with ARCHIBUS

 The Frejus Tunnel project is one example of the innovation that results from collaboration between ARCHIBUS Partners and Clients. Frejus Tunnel is also an example of how the ARCHIBUS Community is more than just the technology. Frejus Tunnel Photo By Florian Pépellin The challenge in our industry has always been about delivering value. The development of […]

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Which Engineering Career is Right for You? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Engineering is a diverse profession that branches out into every industry that makes our world go round. For a high school student wanting to get into engineering, the choices can be rather daunting. While there is certainly the ability to change your mind later, picking the right degree from the get-go is always better. From […]

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