Autodesk begins Network Licensing transformation May 7, 2020

Autodesk (like other software companies) has been transforming their business into software as a service (SaaS). To further this transformation, they will be phasing out the sales of networked based license managed software subscriptions, in favor of cloud based sign in to activate. Individual user sign in will be standard, and generic single sign-in for multiple users will be available as a premium option. To both ease and encourage adoption of this system for network (multi-user) customers, Autodesk will be offering a two (2) for one (1) network license conversion at first subscription renewal on and after May 7; this offer will only be good at first renewal. Sign-in method of activation will allow users to take full advantage of the SaaS model, and increase the value of what Autodesk is offering. Contact us at 201-792-6300 for more details.

Contact us at 

201-792-6300 for more details.