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MicroView for ARCHIBUS Web Central and ARCHIBUS Windows.

The MicroView for ARCHIBUS Web Central and ARCHIBUS Windows product is the flagship of the MicroView line. Parts Manager, Space Manager, Maintenance Manager, Inspection and Surveys, and Asset Management are some of the activities available.

The mobile, handheld-based interface for ARCHIBUS® and ARCHIBUS® Web Central

Accurately collecting and maintaining up-to-date corporate facilities and project information requires special tools. Managers can now send staff on-site to collect and manage facilities information, knowing that the information will be part of the corporate records at the end of the day.
MicroView FM software for Palm/OS®, Windows Mobile®, BlackBerry®, Android®, iPhone® PDAs and Tablet PCs lets you record and update your facilities data on the spot—an indispensable time saver during employee moves or large scale re-organizations, inventory, building maintenance and inspection/condition assessment activities. MicroView FM products are fully integrated with ARCHIBUS®, providing companies with the power and flexibility needed to effectively manage their facilities operations.

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