Robotech Hosting services for ARCHIBUS and Autodesk:

With this service you can access and use your Autodesk and ARCHIBUS applications deployed on our professional hosting server. Your application deployment and the server’s administration will be handled by Robotech’s technical team. Access your Robotech hosted applications and data anytime, anywhere, and perform your work seamlessly, the way you normally do, with no hustle, at a lower cost.

Robotech Hosting Benefits:

Using Robotech Hosting Services means using our servers instead of your company servers. Your total cost of operation is reduced to a minimum because you can avoid purchasing dedicated hardware, or worry about the maintenance of these servers. We address all of your software needs including Autodesk, ARCHIBUS and Microsoft suites, providing all the necessary hardware, maintenance, and backup for your data at a modest monthly fee.

Instead of relying on in-house or contractor resources to implement a traditional Autodesk or ARCHIBUS products deployment, Robotech Cloud Services requires only a fraction of that time set up new users and make other configuration changes. The time saved equates to more time for you to utilize the applications and achieve operational efficiencies with your own work.

Robotech Cloud Hosting Services let you adjust your investment to your needs. Decrease your expenses by paying only for the applications you select, and the required number of concurrent users to access the system, and most importantly, scale-up immediately as your needs grow.

Robotech Cloud Services include a multi-tiered support structure to solve any issue or service incidence. Our centralized Support Management System allows us to deliver support services to our clients quickly and effectively.

With Robotech’s hosting, your data resides in a professional high security data-center, fully equipped with redundant systems powered by an uninterrupted energy supply, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems.