Optimize operations with pro-active tools for automating preventive maintenance. Track and evaluate everything to improve continuously and enhance outcomes across the board.

Generate Detailed Work Orders

Enable occupants, craftspersons, and managers to generate work orders from anywhere.

Automate Preventive Maintenance

Prevent costly breaks before they happen with a preventive maintenance strategy. Generate work orders automatically based on the specific maintenance of needs of different assets with an automated Preventive Maintenance Planner..

Prioritize And Centralize Work Orders

View, approve, and manage all work orders from a single console. Drill into each order and advance to view details and advance its status through to completion. Automate alerts for critical orders and bottlenecks that need attention.

Respond Quickly And Effectively

Enable craftspersons to receive requests directly on their mobile phones with relevant details, then update orders with additional details after completion. Track the status of each order to ensure that the job is done, and reschedule missed orders.

Evaluate And Optimize

Evaluate effectiveness with metrics that enable you to track the cost, labor, and performance of operations. Track trends, identify outliers, and gain visibility into how effectively your strategy is meeting needs on the ground.

Anticipate Budgetary Needs

Calculate the cost of your preventive maintenance plan for the year ahead to ensure that your budget reflects your priorities.


Receive on-site database and Web server implementation support for the installation, setup and configuration of ARCHIBUS applications. Implementation planning and project management services are also offered, on-site or off-site.

Assess needs and receive a personalized consultation. Together we'll design a solution that supports your goals.

Personalize your interface, user roles, and menus to match the workflow, security, and terminology of your organization. You can also personalize the way data is entered and extracted in accordance with your business practices.


  • Personalized reporting
  • Crystal and BIRT Reports
  • Interface configuration
  • Workflow process design
  • Security configuration: application – database – Web server


  • Structural modifications (adding tables and fields)
  • Audit trail or audit logs
  • Data clean-up
  • Database translation (Sybase – Oracle – MS/SQL Server)

Integrate with other ERP applications like Human Resources, Financial, and Security systems, to centralize data and increase functionality and productivity. ARCHIBUS can synchronize data in both directions, so that your data remains accurate and up-to-date across systems.

  • Batch data migration
  • AutoLisp xdata translation
  • ActiveX
  • Database “Back-End”
  • Email
  • API / OLE automation
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • XML
  • XSL

Ensure data accuracy by setting guidelines for the initial process of collecting, importing, entering, and verifying data. Create new or convert existing drawings from AutoCAD® or other CAD systems and integrate them into ARCHIBUS.

  • Document standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • Data gathering/entry
  • Standardizing data management
  • Data migration from legacy data sources
  • CAD drafting
  • BIM

Ensure a seamless transition by making sure that your staff is properly trained to execute on a daily basis.

Review your implementation to ensure that the proper data, training, and processes are in place to succeed. Schedule periodic reviews to always stay on top of your data, and stay close to which applications and new technologies can give you an edge as you continue to grow.

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