Service Desk

Is your organization experiencing frequent errors and missed priorities because service requests are not being handled properly? Eliminate the need for dedicated personnel to handle service requests and provide a centralized, self-service portal for common service requests. ARCHIBUS Service Desk is a Web-based application that provides simple, self-service processes for commonly requested services, including moves/ adds/changes, room reservations, project management, among many other requests. Service Desk automates the service request cycle through Service Level Agreement (SLA) designations that authorize, prioritize, route, and complete requests. Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction with ARCHIBUS Service Desk.


  • Lower real estate and associated costs by improving space utilization and enabling the disposition of excess inventory
  • Reduce overall carbon emissions and workplace operating costs based on a smaller, more efficient facilities footprint resulting from improved space utilization
  • Provide flexibility to accommodate a mobile workforce and increase employee satisfaction
  • Allow easy implementation of chargebacks to encourage responsible and efficient use of space

Provide a centralized, self-service portal for common service requests to promote organizational efficiency and reduce administrative costs