An increasing number of organizations are recognizing the strategic value of reducing their carbon footprint to protect the environment and enhance their bottom line.

Web-based ARCHIBUS Environmental Sustainability Assessment helps make the concept of environmental sustainability a reality by tracking, ranking, and documenting details on the condition and use of physical assets so remedial action can be taken.

Unlike spreadsheets and other manual processes, the application provides a truly objective and systematic method of identifying and prioritizing facility replacements, upgrades, and renovations, based on environmental sustainability criteria while leveraging other ARCHIBUS facilities data from its central repository.




  • Establish proactive sustainability processes that can improve operational efficiencies, enhance stakeholder work environments, and boost asset value

  • Identify which assets should be repaired, renovated or replaced to achieve environmental efficiency goals or support an existing LEED™ or BREEAM® rating program

  • Improve capital budgeting and planning capabilities by tracking costs and budgets associated with environmental deficiencies

  • Increase efficiency of sustainability efforts by integrating assessment with work order management and by using a unified data repository

Measure performance indicators and mitigate risk to reduce an organization’s carbon footprint and achieve other environmental goals