Integrate strategic real estate planning, capital planning, portfolio project management, finance and operations information to align all assets to an organization’s objectives

Asset managers must ensure that their total capital and other asset investments provide the coordinated, end-to-end resources needed to support an organization’s immediate and longterm mission.

With purpose-built interfaces for professionals in planning, finance, real estate, facilities, IT, maintenance-and with mobile apps for field personnel and the shipping/receiving area—ARCHIBUS Enterprise Asset Management streamlines asset management by providing a 360-degree view of every asset’s ownership, value, location, use, lifecycle status, and condition.

This holistic view enables asset managers to make strategic datadriven decisions for the whole enterprise that are reflected in day-to-day operations.




  • Improve return on assets by providing a common operating picture that enables key strategic and operations stakeholders to align all assets to an organization’s objectives

  • Plan what-if scenarios to optimize enterprise asset investments

  • Centralize enterprise asset management with easy integration to other ERP systems

  • Engage asset management teams to accomplish their goals with coordinated end-to-end resourcing

  • Optimize capital and other asset investments through integrated lifecycle management for planning, acquisition, utilization, repurposing, and decommissioning/disposal
  • Enable staff to quickly inventory assets with mobile apps

Reduce administrative expenses now by streamlining processes for charging back costs, issuing invoices, and tracking receivables