ARCHIBUS – The Agile Work Environment

The workplace is rapidly changing. Businesses have outgrown the open office, and leaders are waking up to the workplace as a key strategic asset—one that promises a competitive edge through heightened productivity, reduced real estate spending, and a fresh ability to attract top talent. At the same time, data is driving a new age for […]

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Whats New in ARCHIBUS v24.1

This document provides information about the ARCHIBUS V.24.1 Multilingual (ML) release. This release is an update to the major release V.24.1, and this document is intended to be a follow-up to the “What’s New” document for the major release V.24.1 distributed earlier. In addition to the features described, this release has been fully internationalized and […]

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How ARCHIBUS Space Planning Optimizes Real Estate, Productivity, and Culture

Archibus Provides the Data, Tools and Intelligence to Optimize Your Space Strategy It’s no secret that space is expensive, but misused space not only leads to overblown property portfolios, it impacts your organizational mission. Spaces shape the activities we do within them, from office productivity to campus learning, or hospitals maximizing government reimbursements. Whether you […]

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Prepare Data Now for Artificial Intelligence in Facilities

Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing and evolving at a rapid rate. New applications can be found everywhere, including in the facilities industry. Evolving trends in data acquisition, data communication and storage, data science and artificial intelligence leave little doubt that smarter buildings are the future of the built environment. These sustainable facilities will soon be […]

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