Mastering information in construction projects is key to success

by | Nov 6, 2019 | Autodesk

Construction projects are huge physical undertakings. But before that, they’re monumental ideas. And mastering information is the first step towards better safety and success.

Industrial technologies are evolving, and in construction, there is no exception. Better collaboration, discovery, and analytics tools are driving the industry.
the Context of Innovation

As needs change, Autodesk has created remarkable tools to get the job done. This has been a growth area for construction since the inclusion of digital tools. It’s in software that construction has seen the greatest steps forward.

Countless resources go into major construction projects, generating large volumes of data. Today, 35% of construction project expenses comprise material waste and remedial work. That’s why efficiency, analysis, and accountability are paramount to financial success.

New technologies streamline construction project management processes and reduce waste. This includes collaboration between teams, resource scheduling and tracking performance.

Collaboration between departments and across Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) organizations of all kinds has been one of the main challenges that the Autodesk’s AEC Collection and BIM 360 have solved. This has been via file interoperability challenges with software like Navisworks, or cloud collaboration with BIM 360 Design.

Best of all, these tools are lowering barriers to productivity. Smaller construction firms can adopt cloud-based project management technologies. These can reduce project costs and durations by double-digit percentages.