Fully Virtual Office Designs Healthy Spaces for Its Clients—and Its Workforce

by | Jun 13, 2022 | AEC, Architecture, Autodesk, Collaboration

With its long hours, inflexible schedules, and extreme lack of work-life balance, the field of architecture has long been considered unwelcoming to women. FORA, a predominantly female architecture firm, aims to do better than the industry standard. It’s a fully remote office that enables employees to find a work rhythm that best suits them and their families. In turn, FORA architects are better able to do their jobs: creating multifamily affordable housing that’s healthy, empowering, and restorative for its inhabitants. As FORA president Leah Bayer says, “I try to support the lives of our team so that they can, in turn, support and enhance the lives of others through architecture.” Watch the video to learn more about FORA.