Frejus Tunnel Photo By Florian Pépellin

The challenge in our industry has always been about delivering value. The development of subject matter expertise across many sectors has been a key factor in the success of our eco-system.

The development and sharing of that expertise in the community have benefited organisations and individuals alike. Over the next weeks, we will post more examples on this blog. We want as many people as possible to know about the success of our Eco-system. We want to highlight the roles that Partners and users have played.

Just to show the sheer scale of this implementation, here are some of the statistics about the tunnel:

Frejus Tunnel stats.

Frejus Tunnel is the ninth longest road tunnel in the world. Is one of the major transalpine links between France and Italy. Approximately 2.7 million people live on either side of the tunnel in Savoie, France and the Province of Turin, Italy. Another 1.36 million in the nearby city of Milan. More than 1 million cars have used the tunnel every year since it opened in 1980, and the number is steadily increasing. The tunnel is a complex operation involving ventilation, traffic monitoring, fire prevention, and emergency response systems.

Read more about this example showing the innovation that results from collaboration within our eco-system:

We have many examples to show you over the coming weeks. However, if you are an ARCHIBUS Partner or User and you would like to tell the story of your success please contact us here at the ARCHIBUS Foundation EMEA.