Independent Researchers and Analysts such as Verdantix play a key role in our industry. Choosing the right technology or software platform can be a minefield. There is a bewildering range of  solutions in the marketplace. Furthermore the plethora of advertising and PR within our markets tends to confuse, rather than bring clarity.


Verdantix are renowned for their research and analysis of solutions within the environmental sector.  As a result they have a wealth of experience, which they are now applying to Integrated Workplace Management.

The outcome is the Verdantix Green Quadrant for 2017. Analyses of this kind are not examples of an exact science. There are many variable to be taken into account, and even in our industry it can be difficult to make like-for-like comparisons.

However, Verdantix have looked to solve this problem by reaching out to software users. User interviews play an important role in the outcomes of the research.

Green Quadrant®

In any such research it is important for a software vendor to appear in the leading quadrant.  I am happy to say that the ARCHIBUS software, underpinned by our community, has performed exceptionally well in this analysis.

The Verdantix analysis comprised  a comprehensive evaluation of 14 major IWMS solutions. ARCHIBUS has been rated as  an industry leader in the reulting report. In particular, the Verdantix 2017 Green Quadrant® report on IWMS recommended ARCHIBUS for  enterprises seeking to take advantage of a breadth of IWMS applications, citing the:

  • Integrated platform that consolidates multiple applications for end-to-end real estate and facilities management in the long-term.
  • Powerful business intelligence & analytics for enterprise reporting that centralizes information for decision-makers
  • Ability to provide global, regional, and local support. Implementers can personalize software for specific requirements

What does this mean for users?

Analyses such as these bring some clarity to a confused landscape. Purchasing decisions are becoming more complicated as technology marches forward. Big ticket technology trends such as the cloud and internet of things are challenging software users all over the globe.  The Verdantix 2017 Green Quadrant® is an admirable tool for benchmarking, and the analysts are taking their research to another level into 2018.

For us at The Foundation the important comment is  Ability to provide global, regional, and local support. Many people will argue about the function and feature in a given software platform. Most of all it is the ability to deliver that differentiates, and our ecosystem have proved themselves to be experts in this regard.

The successes demonstrated by ARCHIBUS Users and Partners have been crucial to our leading position in Verdantix’ analysis.