Back to Work with Archibus Self-Serve Workplace Booking Tool

At many organizations, office space is frequently underutilized by 50% or more, resulting in a larger than necessary real estate and carbon footprint, along with their associated costs. Web-based ARCHIBUS Hoteling enables organizations to more fully utilize existing space, potentially reduce leased/owned space in their portfolios, as well as decrease carbon emissions and workspace operating costs. It supports temporary allocation of onsite workspace to dynamic project-based teams and makes implementation of increasingly popular telework initiatives possible. Additionally, Hoteling simplifies implementation of shared space chargebacks, which further encourages space efficiency and responsibility for occupancy costs.


  • Lowers real estate and associated costs by improving space utilization and enabling the disposition of excess inventory
  • Reduces overall carbon emissions and workplace operating costs based on a smaller, more efficient facilities footprint resulting from improved space utilization
  • Provides flexibility to accommodate a mobile workforce and increase employee satisfaction
  • Allows easy implementation of chargebacks to encourage responsible and efficient use of space

Use Space More Efficiently to Lower Costs

ARCHIBUS Hoteling provides the simplicity of self-service Web forms to enable an increasingly mobile workforce to easily find and schedule available space on an “as-needed” basis. Hoteling leverages an organization’s existing space inventory, occupancy data, and chargeback methodology for seamless integration with other ARCHIBUS applications. The application’s Web interface greatly reduces data entry time, while producing utilization reports that enable department managers to identify and release underutilized space.

  • Identify and reserve space in half-day increments for a duration of days, months or years
  • Use a streamlined process to service booked rooms with basic amenities or set-up, such as furniture, office equipment, and information technology
  • Book a single room for a specific individual or a number of rooms for an entire department
  • Use search parameters to find appropriate available rooms to satisfy a specific requestor's needs
  • Enable timely analysis of booked rooms over specified date ranges
  • Integrate hoteling information seamlessly into strategic master plans for space planning

Reduce Real Estate/Carbon Footprint

Many organizations, whether they are profit-driven, nonprofit, or government-related, are establishing space and energy reduction goals to achieve environmental sustainability targets and improve their bottom lines. ARCHIBUS Hoteling supports the provision of telework, job-sharing, and other flexible work arrangements. These programs help eliminate the need for full-time, on-site occupancy, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions from commuting or from a larger than necessary facility portfolio.

  • Reduce the carbon footprint through more efficient energy consumption in facilities with improved space utilization rates
  • Lessen the number of daily auto or mass transit commutes that release greenhouse gases
  • Minimize the need to construct new office space, or retrofit existing space, using materials with inherently high energy/carbon inputs

Support an Agile Workforce

For organizations that provide space for associates who spend a significant percentage of their work hours off-site, or that experience a high churn rate because of project-based teams, ARCHIBUS Hoteling can help implement flexible workspace initiatives. Additionally, organizations experiencing fast growth, mergers, or consolidations can also greatly benefit from Hoteling to temporarily rebalance workspace inventory.

  • Support enlightened workplace practices, such as agile work environments and part-time workspace usage
  • Boost workplace productivity through increased collaboration using flexible teaming arrangements
  • Improve morale and reduce commuting-related stress of associates through teleworking or other alternative offsite work arrangements

Track Time-Based Ownership and Charges

Eliminate the frustration of seeing booked space go unused. ARCHIBUS Hoteling chargeback features promote accountability by both individuals and their departments. Users can schedule appropriate space for temporary or part-time associates with the appropriate cost center billed for the space that is reserved. Time-based occupancy assignments are easily tracked, allowing managers to forecast space requirements and budget accordingly.

  • Allow operating units to proactively control occupancy costs by releasing unused space to increase overall utilization rates
  • Calculate accurate chargebacks based on reserved space usage
  • Provide easy justification of indirect costs for even partially occupied workspace by temporary or telecommuting workers which may be reimbursed by third-part payers, such as government entities or insurance carriers